students holding flags on stage in front of Hispanic Heritage Month Display

From September 15 to October 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans to our nation.  This celebration started in 1968 as a weeklong event and was expanded to a month-long celebration in 1988 through Public Law 100-402.  Each year during this special month, we join in honoring generations of Hispanic Americans who have made positive contributions to our nation and society.

 In CCPS, schools took time to recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month in a variety of ways.

 Culpeper County High School

 Culpeper County High School held a Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly on Friday, October 6, 2023.  The assembly was attended by the whole school and featured singers, dancers, costumes, and a parade of quinceañera dresses.  The assembly concluded with a flag parade of all of the countries represented.

Culpeper Middle School

 Culpeper Middle School held a spirit week to start off Hispanic heritage month.  The days were designed by our world language teacher. We showed videos on the TVs in the lunch room every day for the entirety of the month, including videos created by the students at Farmington Elementary.

Floyd T. Binns Middle School

 At Floyd T. Binns, videos were shown on the morning news celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month throughout the month. Students and staff created and decorated murals to be displayed all throughout the school.  Local businesses in Culpeper donated food for our staff for a luncheon celebration on October 12th.

A.G. Richardson Elementary School

At AGR, the school celebrated on morning announcements with 11 videos made via flip students in grades 2-5.  In the videos, students shared where their families were from, their favorite traditions and things about their Hispanic Heritage, and a fun fact.

Emerald Hill Elementary School

Displays in the hallways showing famous Hispanic persons and information about them were posted at Emerald Hill.   There was also a large display in the display cases to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. A video was shown each day on the morning announcements discussing the achievements of and information about a famous Hispanic person each day.


Farmington Elementary School

 Farmington Elementary School celebrated Hispanic Heritage all month.  Every day, the morning announcements featured an influential Hispanic person.  Students created videos that were shared with other schools.  Farmington ended the Hispanic Heritage month with a week-long spirit week.

Yowell Elementary

Each day of the month, Yowell’s Hispanic English Learner students were featured on the news sharing a Hispanic Heritage month fun fact of the day.  A group of students worked together to create a beautiful mural that depicts many famous Hispanic figures who have done amazing things for their communities.  Yowell has a tradition to dance on Fridays, so during Hispanic Heritage month, students enjoyed dancing to Join the Celebración! An Original Hispanic Heritage Month song and Animated Music Video.