Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission Statement:

Floyd T. Binns Middle School staff is dedicated to modeling and developing character, responsibility, and high achievement. We believe…

  • Every student has the potential for positive academic achievement and educators should strive to identify and build upon the diverse needs and strengths of all children.

  • Staff and students should model and expect an atmosphere that fosters good citizenship and mutual respect.

  • Open and consistent communication with parents and community is vital to student success.

  • A safe, orderly, and non-threatening learning environment is essential for successful learning.


Our Vision statement:

We will provide educational opportunities that will inspire all students to evolve into successful 21st century learners.

Our Philosophy:

The purpose of Floyd T. Binns Middle School is to prepare young adolescents to be confident, productive and responsible individuals.  This will be achieved in an environment with high expectations for all students.  Floyd T. Binns Middle School takes great pride in helping young adolescents master skills, gain confidence in their abilities, and find the special talents that will lead them to discover a life direction for themselves.