8th Grade Science SOL for Remote Learners

8th Grade Science SOL for Remote Learners

Grade 8 Science SOL testing will occur the week of January 11th. Participation in the Gr 8 Science test is still a federal and state requirement, however, parents do not have to opt-in to expedited retakes. Students who qualify for an expedited retake (score between 375-399 on First Attempt) will be notified individually to complete the opt-in paperwork based on the parent's choice. 


We have created a special time and place for our Cohort C students to come into the building to complete their SOL test.  However, parents with questions or concerns about their student coming in for the SOL test should contact our main office with questions or concerns to get more information.  We understand that not all Cohort C students will be able to participate this year. 

Cohort C

First Attempt - Wednesday, January 13th

Expedited Retest - Wednesday, January 20th

Remote Learners in need of transportation services to get to school to take their SOL tests may request bus transportation for the Wednesday sessions at https://forms.gle/h3Bwr9faAYdBVL6t5 Transportation will contact these individuals on January 11th with pickup times and locations.