Free Wifi at Four CCPS Locations Daily

Free Wifi at Four CCPS Locations Daily

CCPS has implemented free drive-up WIFI service at four locations daily 8AM-8PM for students and staff.  These locations are: the student parking lot at EVHS, the faculty lot between CMS & CCHS, PSES parking lot and EHES AM drop-off side of the building.  This service is provided to facilitate filtered access to educational resources and communication with teachers. It is our hope this service helps CCPS students who may not have reliable internet access at home.


This would be an opportunity for students to access teachers' Google Classrooms or use resources posted on our Instructional page (  This is also an opportunity for CCPS teachers without Internet access to communicate with their students.  


High school students with Chromebooks would log on as they normally do. Students with non-CCPS devices can log on to the CCPS Public network. 


WIFI users should remain in cars and continue to practice social distancing. Parents need to be aware that school staff will not supervising this opportunity.


Schools are still closed and Code of Conduct rules on campus are still in effect.